About Me

Software engineer, with over 15 years of experience in the software industry,  and a great passion for everything related to software development. I’m  always looking to improve and implement the best practices.

I’ve held the role of Agile tester the last 5 years creating test plans, analyzing user requirements and technical specifications as well as designing and executing test cases (manual and automated with low code tools as Functionize and automated through code using WebdriverIO and Mocha/WDIO, Cucumber for BDD, Javascript, Selenium, Playwright, Appium).

I’ve also held other roles as web developer and scrum master/project manager, which has given me the opportunity to be involved with almost all phases of the software development life cycle and gain expertise in testing..

My strengths include my attention to detail, Analytical thinking, communication, cultivating relationships, and the ability to thrive in a collaborative environment and make the whole team think about quality and testability.

I also think that there is power in communities, so I actively participate in Venezolanas In Tech, Under Test, Agile Ecuador and Women in Agile Ecuador, sharing experiences and knowledge while I feed off the community. Also, I colaborated with IT Skills for Women, a bootcamp for mexican women.

You will find my colaborations with different communities in Podcast and Talks.

In my Drive you will find some design examples of Test Plans and Test Cases, in my GitHub you will find some automation examples, and you can also find me in other social networks.